Intelligent Workplace

A new era in work environment brings significant value to your business!

Intelligent office is a new, innovative and comprehensive concept where your company’s printing environment, document working and data management will be made uninterrupted, cost-effective, secure, and productive with strategic planning, industry-leading tools, and expert management.

Practical device solutions, intelligent way of working and good care

This is what we are known for!

Intelligent Workplace experts are at your service

We take care of the functionality and cost-effectiveness of printing, the rationality and optimization of working methods, and their support and maintenance. We will create effective, continuous and productive document functions.


We give you significant added value with the industry’s best knowledge, skills, tools and service attitude.

  • We cut costs
  • We increase productivity
  • We improve information security
  • We promote job satiscation

Unique analysis

  • Working methods, printing devices, information security
  • Full visibility into costs and bottlenecks
  • Data collection, analysis, planning and reporting
  • Further development according the plan

Guaranteed functionality for the work environment

Overall care and proficient service

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Maintenance and service
  • Timely supply deliveries
  • Up-to-date monitoring and reporting
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Flexible contract templates

Complementary services

  • Paper archive digitization service
  • Purchase invoice processing service
  • Electronic forms
  • Care service
  • Change and deployment services
  • Temporary support services

Reputable OIF Service Desk

We solve issues quickly

  • One effectively working Finnish customer service
  • Fast response time and personal help immediately on the first contact
  • The world’s most advanced ERP system
  • Huge database and certified network of experts
  • Brand independent service platform with intelligent softwares

From multi-function devices to office assistants

Effective information flow and management

  • Document process review
  • Workflow optimization and automation
  • Intelligent scanning and integrations to different systems
  • Document and contents management and archiving
  • Applications to simplify operations
  • Mobile applications
  • Compatibility to the systems used by the company

Printer is a computer

We take care of the security of your printing environment

  • MFP is a crossing point between digital and analog data
  • Solution for secure printing environment and document working
  • Usage monitoring, restrictions and controls

Get the most out of your devices

Optimated device fleet

  • Solution based on the analysis
  • Cost-saving designing
  • Management of printing devices and servers
  • Correctly used devices in the correct places.

From unique analysis to outstanding service

Goal-oriented, constantly developing co-operating

  • Analysing
  • Designing
  • Implementing
  • Managing
  • Developing

Intelligent Workplace – new era of working

Interruption-Free, cost-effective, productive and secure working environment

  • Strategic partnership
  • Top experts and service attitude of the industry
  • Unique tools
  • Superior customer service

Office Innovations Finland Oy

Address / Innovation Center: 
Kappelitie 6 D 3.krs, 02200 Espoo
Tel: +358 9 4393 810

Key figures

  • Established in 2005
  • Subsidiary Office Innovations Vantaa Oy
  • Net sales 8 M €
  • Personnel 30
  • We manage more than 3000 devices in 200 cities
  • We manage more than 200 device models from six different manufacturers

Tommi Andersson

+358 50 567 2810

Lasse Talikka

Production Director
+358 50 550 1614